Lecture Slides 2018

Touchdown to CME 2018

Saturday, October 6TH

1) PIETROLUNGO  Pietrolungo – Primary Care Tips from a Cardiologist’s Perspective

2) PANTALONE   Pantalone – Endocrinology, A Primer for Primary Care

3) BROWN  BROWN-Insulin update 2017-Youngstown 2018

4) BROWN   BROWN-New Drug Update 2017-2018


6) AHMANN  Public Health Response to a Suicide Contagion

7) MARKLEY    Markley- Suicidal Patient Management Talk

8) NGUYEN   Nguyen -Derm Emergencies

9) MILLIGAN  Milligan – OMM

Sunday, October 7th

1-2) Spectrum Orthopedics, Inc 2 hour presentation (speakers/30 minutes ea)


b)  GLASS   Glass – Update on Community Trauma

c) MARSHALL  Marshall – Non-Operative Treatment of Arthritic Patients

d) STEFANKO  Stefanko – Back and Neck pain PPT

3) HENDERSON  The Human Microbiome

4) CASTONGUAY   Castonguay – Recognizing Eating Disorders in Children & Adolescents

5) MORRIS   Morris – Effects of Obesity on Gynecological Health

a) BMI-Chart-SC

consider -medication.pdf” data-mce-href=”http://district8do.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/b-Obesity-When-to-consider-medication.pdf”>b) Obesity When to consider medication

c) ObesityAlgorithm-SC (1)

4) Obesity and Women’s Health An Evidence-Based Review (1)

Meet Our Executive Committee

Meet Our Executive Committee

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Eighth District Academy of Osteopathic Medicine & Surgery


The 8th District Academy has been providing quarterly educational programs and the annual medical education seminar for over 20 years. The 8th District Academy was established in 1967 and is one of many local osteopathic physician organizations within the State of Ohio. The Academy is affiliated with the Ohio Osteopathic Association and provides CME programs through a co-sponsorship with the Ohio Osteopathic Foundation. CMEs are granted by the American Osteopathic Association.

This program will be offered to its membership of 220 osteopathic physicians, along with 1500 other osteopathic physicians provided through a mailing list by the OOF by mail, email, website, hospital postings, etc. within a 50-mile radius of the Akron, Canton, and Cleveland, Ohio areas. The organization has an Executive Committee consisting of five physicians and an Executive Director, who has 15 years experience in healthcare and physician education.

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