Lecture Slides 2018

Touchdown to CME 2018

Saturday, October 6TH

1) PIETROLUNGO  Pietrolungo – Primary Care Tips from a Cardiologist’s Perspective

2) PANTALONE   Pantalone – Endocrinology, A Primer for Primary Care

3) BROWN  BROWN-Insulin update 2017-Youngstown 2018

4) BROWN   BROWN-New Drug Update 2017-2018


6) AHMANN  Public Health Response to a Suicide Contagion

7) MARKLEY    Markley- Suicidal Patient Management Talk

8) NGUYEN   Nguyen -Derm Emergencies

9) MILLIGAN  Milligan – OMM

Sunday, October 7th

1-2) Spectrum Orthopedics, Inc 2 hour presentation (speakers/30 minutes ea)


b)  GLASS   Glass – Update on Community Trauma

c) MARSHALL  Marshall – Non-Operative Treatment of Arthritic Patients

d) STEFANKO  Stefanko – Back and Neck pain PPT

3) HENDERSON  The Human Microbiome

4) CASTONGUAY   Castonguay – Recognizing Eating Disorders in Children & Adolescents

5) MORRIS   Morris – Effects of Obesity on Gynecological Health

a) BMI-Chart-SC

consider -medication.pdf” data-mce-href=”http://district8do.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/b-Obesity-When-to-consider-medication.pdf”>b) Obesity When to consider medication

c) ObesityAlgorithm-SC (1)

4) Obesity and Women’s Health An Evidence-Based Review (1)