District 8 Academy (Akron-Canton: Membership

Calling New Members Only: Staring in 2020 (Term May 1-April 30 (year), we will be offering membership directly through our website in the amount of $175. Note: If you are current member of the Ohio Osteopathic Association and pay your local Akron-Canton dues directly to them, please do not pay here!

$175 Dues — I would like to join the Eighth District Academy.

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Our Mission Statement

  • To promote the public health of the people of Ohio District 8 Counties: http://ooanet.org/aws/OOSA/pt/sp/districts (Coshocton, Holmes, Medina, Portage, Stark, Summit, Tuscarawas, Wayne);
  • To cooperate with all public health agencies;
  • To maintain high standards at all osteopathic institutions within the state;
  • To maintain and elevate osteopathic medical education and post graduate training programs in the prevention and treatment of disease;
  • To encourage research and investigation especially that pertaining to the principles of the osteopathic school of medicine;
  • To maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct in all phases of osteopathic medicine and surgery; and
  • To promote such other activities as are consistent with the above purposes.

Categories of Membership for OOA

An applicant for regular membership must be a graduate of an AOA accredited college of osteopathic medicine and licensed to practice osteopathic medicine and surgery in the state of Ohio.

Associate membership is open to graduates of accredited schools of medicine and surgery or podiatric medicine and surgery, who are licensed to practice in Ohio and support the OOA mission and subscribe to its code of ethics. Associate members receive the same benefits as regular members. Such members may serve on OOA Committees; however they shall not have the privilege of serving as a voting member of the OOA House of Delegate or the right to hold an office. Dues for associate members are the same as those for regular members. Join the OOA today!

Allied members receive the same communications as regular members and may register for the Ohio Osteopathic Convention at member fees. Categories of allied members and the fees applicable to each are as follows:

  • Ohio licensed Advance Nurse Practitioners, Physicians Assistants, Psychologists, and other non-physician clinicians who are currently employed with an active member of the OOA, contribute to the practice of that member, and support the goals and objectives of the OOA.
  • Medical Doctors (MDs), Doctors of Podiatric Medicine (DPMs), or Doctors of Chiropractic (DCs), who are licensed in Ohio and support the mission of the OOA and subscribe to its code of ethics. To receive discounts and benefits of the OOA Business Partners program, MDs and DPMs must become Associate members and pay dues required of Associate Members.
  • Doctoral and other non-doctoral personnel holding teaching, research or administrative positions in Ohio accredited hospitals and/or colleges.
  • Administrative employees of this association, accredited hospitals or colleges, affiliated organizations and district academies.
  • Any other professionals as determined by the Board of Trustees.

Osteopathic physicians in AOA approved Ohio postdoctoral training programs are automatically enrolled as OOA members for the duration of their training. A DO who is in an approved out of state residency/internship program may petition for membership by applying as a postgraduate training member and certifying his/her intent to return to Ohio to establish a practice. The dues of any osteopathic physician in an approved postgraduate training program are waived as long as the physician remains in the program. If you are in an Ohio program and are not receiving OOA communications, contact the OOA membership department. DOs in out of state postgraduate training programs may apply here.

Student membership is automatically granted on a dues-free status to each undergraduate student enrolled in the Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine. Undergraduate students in other AOA accredited colleges of osteopathic medicine and surgery may apply for dues free membership here.

The Board of Trustees may grant reduced dues to members who are retired, disabled or experience financial hardship. Physicians seeking reduced dues for retirement, disability or hardship must submit a Petition for Reduced Dues (PDF) for approval by the Board, which is then authenticated by the trustee of the member’s district academy. Dues reductions granted for temporary disability or financial hardship are verified annually.

Life membership may be granted by the Board of Trustees to any regular member who has reached the age of seventy, or who has completed fifty years of osteopathic medical practice, whichever comes first, and who has been in good standing for twenty-five consecutive years immediately preceding. When deemed appropriate, the board may combine years of continuous membership in another divisional society with years of OOA continuous membership to reach the 25-year requirement. Life members have the privileges and duties of regular members, but are not required to pay dues or assessments. Life membership, on recommendation of the local district academy, may also be granted by the Board of Trustees to any regular member who has become permanently totally disabled. Life Member Awards are presented each year at the Ohio Osteopathic Convention.

Any DO residing in another state may apply for out of state membership, provided he/she is a member of their respective state divisional society. The OOA offers out of state membership to any OOA member who moves from Ohio, at the time of membership renewal. Join the OOA today!

Osteopathic physicians who are on active duty in the uniformed services of the federal government and stationed within the state of Ohio may apply in this category. Such members are considered first-year members for the duration of their active duty.

“The title of honorary member may be conferred upon any individual not eligible for regular membership who has made an outstanding contribution to the osteopathic profession. Such title requires approval of the Board of Trustees and a two-thirds vote of the OOA House of Delegates.

Individuals who have achieved honorary membership status are: Barbara Ross-Lee, DO, FACOFP, Dean, New York College of Osteopathic Medicine; Charles “Chip” Rogers, former administrator, OUCOM;  Richard Sims, former Ohio Osteopathic Association executive secretary; and Helen W. Palmer, OOA Staff Member.”

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